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 How much Asking is too much?

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BeitragThema: How much Asking is too much?   Sa Feb 08, 2014 4:44 pm

The Cards are a tool, made of paper and colours. They don't care. Question is: what does reading the cards do to one self? As a reader, when s/o asks me the same thing again and again (has happened) I tell them off. I have once read something about the older women of a certain tribe (oh, Vetch and details...), anyway,
it goes:

When a young person has a problem she can come to the elder women and ask for advice, with is freely and kindly given.
When she comes for a advice for the second time, with the same question, again the elder women provide her with advice.
If she comes a third time the elder women rise and walk away.

That's, roughly, what I do, as a reader.

As a querist myself I absolutely know this asking again and again. Have done it myself countless times, when I was younger and starting with the tarot. It took me a long time to get comfortable with the cards, and it started when I started to accept a reading, and not ask the same countless times.
It's not 'bad karma', imo, to ask the same question, but it's not helpful, and it shows that one doesn't really want true advice but approval, or disport or just an excuse to debauch in something instead of moving on.

I should add that I think it's legitimate and also sensible to ask for a second opinion, even 4th or 5th or umpteenth opinions, if it must be; if the person searching for answers is really open and nothing that has been said before clicks.
That might even be helpful for the readers.

Asking the same person about the same thing 3 times in a row is ... not really helpful.
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How much Asking is too much?
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