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BeitragThema: 3 of Swords   Sa Feb 08, 2014 3:06 pm

Communication, opinions, and, hey, swords ARE for fighting. But when wielded with grace and ability the (s)wordplay is good to watch and something to learn from.

Swords mean Air, Air symbolises Spring, Morning, the Mind, the Intellect, Thoughts, Thinking, Communication etc.
The number three is about communication, about getting together, sharing, creating.
When we combine those attributes the Three of Swords is not about heartache at all (that would rather be something for the Cups, imo) but about communication, eg. via the internet. Through books. Discussions. Letters. Etc.
Several minds meet and they focus and they hit the heart of the matter. As in the picture of the pierced heart.
The weather in the background can be a cleansing, perhaps exciting storm (strong wind and piecing rain -- something inside takes wing and flies); and the rain might pour on a dry and barren land (of thought).

The 2s are pondering the possibilities of their element, and the 3s are the action that follows.

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3 of Swords
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