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BeitragThema: The Trumps   Sa Feb 08, 2014 2:48 pm

I have, for myself, decided that the Majors cannot be pressed into a pattern or system. They deal with spiritual matters and are beyond the mapping of elements and numbers that the pips offer. They are Energies with a certain flavour or colour, but not static. Like a yarn for knitting, or music, a story that is retold many times, never exactly the same way... well. Beyond words, at least for me, obviously...
They all have their meanings, but many shades.

I am no crack when it comes to Tarot history; here's what I tell my clients if they ask me: the first deck we know of is Italian, 14th century. Made as a gift for a young lady, if I'm not mistaken. Probably meant for play.
Uses images which are much older, based on ancient tradition of several cultures.
Images are there that are missing in today's Tarot decks, and some that we believe to be Ancient True Tarot Lore are not there in the fist deck.

"Der Inhalt ist vom Leser" - the content is created by the reader.

I find it amusing when people are seeking The Truth, and even more funny (and scary) when people claim they knew it.

I bought a lot of books and checked a lot of systems. I never found a school of thinking that I really liked or which convinced me, so I never went deep into any of them. But what I think I can tell is that there are many many different truths around. Eg. there is not one cabalistic system, but several (correct me if I'm wrong); and why should I think one of those funny men - be it Liddl, Grand Orient, Mega Therion etc., who dressed up dramatically and fought their petty Ego wars - knew The Truth?

The Truth is beyond systems. Eg. I don't see any magical truth in the fact that there are 22 Trumps. I think there could as well be 21 or 23(!). But 22 have been handed down to us, and 22 work fine.
I guess we won't find two persons here at AT who totally agree on interpreting the cards. That's why Tarot attracts so many people and is so very alive!

I also don't think a system is 'wrong'. On the contrary; in my experience it's quite important to have a system to work with, as a base. But I don't think there is The Only True System waiting for you after the final initiation.
And, as I said before, after some studying the matter my personal epiphany happened when I realized the only system concerning the Trumps that works for me is the fact that there is no system for the Trumps.
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The Trumps
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