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BeitragThema: 10s of pips   Sa Feb 08, 2014 2:26 pm

The 10s represent a structure that needs more energy to maintain it than it provides.

So I read the tens as an unchanging, petrified, stiff structure. Sometimes that's necessary, but it's not healthy in the long run.
No room for development indeed. I think this often happens because something that worked fine and was once very good is not allowed to change. You know, when something is wonderful we tend to cling to it, not allowing change. So the waters of the cups might become brackish and stale.

And so the tens are the element at its total peak, and only this element.
The old man of the 10 of Coins has everything money can buy, all material pleasure, but he can't take it with him when he dies, and it's not enough.
The 10 cups are all happiness and sweetness - no brain, no pain - and this is not enough.
Ten swords - only clear cold thought, Not warmth, no comfort, not enough.
Ten wands - ambition is killing him. Not enough.

The highest number of the pips, and never enough. Because is it ony one element, and that is never enough for live, which is full of variety and diversity.

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10s of pips
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